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Who is trying to control who?

February 2012. When the government mandates coverage of birth control in health plans, is that an example of the government controlling religion? For the sake of argument, ignore the fact that, yes, this is more government intrusion into our lives. From there, the argument is not about the government attempting to control religion; it is about religion intruding into the government. The Catholic church position on birth control is the immoral position. My letter that was published in the letters to the editor column is here

The Real Roots Of Our Constitution

March 2012. In recent years that has been a growing trend to attribute the fundamentals of our constitution to the American Judeo-Christian heritage. This concept is flat out wrong. A simple reading of the constitution verifies this. My short essay showing that is here


Several aphorisms that I wrote. And some that I am fond of. Here

Chicken and Egg Resolved

Here is a question of the ages: Which came first, the chicken or the Egg?
Darwin resolved it. But the word has not gotten out very well.
Here is my attempt to spread the word.

Fabric of Society

I wrote this not long after the Columbine murders. It was for me and for my daughter. As we were talking about little things that people do, I tried to convince her that the little things we do are much more important that she realized. After using this analogy, she agreed with me. So I wrote it down and smoothed it out a bit. That was several years ago. Now I have determined that if I don't post it and make it available to the public, then no else can possibly care.
So here it is.

A Walk on the Beach

While attending a community college class for acting, the instructor discussed the concept of being more observant. We go through life and often not see the best things around us. During the class I had an occasion to spend a short vacation on a Florida beach. The temperature was mild, but quite stormy. More of the same was forecast for almost the entire time we were there. During a late afternoon walk I remember our assignment to observe more carefully. I realized that there was much to enjoy even in that stormy windy weather. So I observed and wrote this essay for the instructor.

As you read it, put yourself in a quiet and relaxed mood. Enjoy the turbulence of nature around you. Imagine yourself walking down that wind swept beach. It’s a short essay, but several years later I still enjoy it.

The Eighteenth Hole

A short story I wrote about some of the frustrations I felt while playing golf. I could never drive a ball that far, but my brother-in-law could.

Double Observation.

As I think about Special relativity and the concept that one cannot detect one's own speed, there seems to be a theoretical way to accomplish the fact. I have broached the subject on a couple of forums, but the readers and responders pummel me with detail and do not address the central concept.

The general concept is for one person to move another through space and high speed. The second performs an experiment and observes the result, while a second person observes the first and provides a reference point. I have named the essay Double Observation. Click here to read a pdf version.

Early Universe Was Not Homogeneous.

On several science shows I have seen, and in several references I have read, the claim made is that the early universe was very homogeneous. The concept is that everything exploded from a very tiny origin and therefore everything must have been the same temperature. Then the speakers and writers wonder at how it could be so lumpy now.

The CMBR has been measured and found to have rather small differences. However, the writers appear to have lost sight of the fact that as the universe expands, the temperature gets colder. And, they do not consider that as it gets colder, it approaches an absolute limit, that of absolute zero. As any two points approach the same limit, they must get closer together. But look in the past and you will find they were further apart than now. A casual analysis shows that the temperature differences between the coldest and hottest places were on the order 3.55 times 10 to the 75. That is not a homogeneous environment. Click here for that essay.

Black Hole Explosion, Origin of the Universe.

Referencing the previous essays, I propose that the universe did not begin with a single big bang. I propose that there have been multiple big bangs. Not just multiple serial big bangs, but multiple bangs close in both space and in time.
Click here for that essay.

Black Hole Big Bang, Origin of the Universe.

Referencing the previous two essays, after describing my black hole concept to by brother I pondered the concept while driving home and had an epiphiny. That was to consider the fabric around a black hole and how it might be compressed near the black hole and stretched further from it. I had forgotton about the previous two essays on this site but my new description matche closes. It does continue the concept. In that light, I now have all three essays posted. In summary, the explosion of one or more huge black holes just might account for what we now label inflation in the early universe.
Click here for that essay.


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