BK's Postings from our STEM class

This page is for our STEM class. TFS Page

During our meeting for week three, 31 October 2014, we started some experiments with air. Yes, that stuff that is all around us. It may be surprising, but it took many years of work and explaining before the general population learned to believe that there is such thing as air. It is so pervasive, it is easy to ignore.

The first test was to determine if we could show that air really does have weight. And if it does, can we detect that weight? We did not attempt to measure its weight, just prove that it is there. Please look at this page.

The week before Christmas break we launched a water rocket several times. It went pretty high but we did not measure the height. We launched with with differing amouns of water but made no specific measurements. A water rocket web page has not been added to this web site here: water_rockets.htm Click on that link to begin the journey.

We will make more posts as the year progresses.

November 2014